Goat (Chinese Zodiac)

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Symbool Keltische Knoop

Celtic knot

The Celtic knot is a symbol mainly known form Celtic culture, but has been used in different variaties in other cultures like Roman, Copts etc., especially midieval cultures all around the world. The origin of the Celtic knots dates back to the Celtische cultere in the 3rd and 4th century. The meaning ... Lees meer »
Symbool Adelaar


The symbol for Eagle is often used on for example coat of arms and flags. The sign, in this example, is used in the US as great seal for official documents and pasports. The eagle is known for different symbolic values. The most important is The king of birds which means power and victory and is i.e. ... Lees meer »
Symbool Esculaap Geneeskunde

Rod of Esclepius

This symbol for medicine originates from ancient Greece, where it is named is after the Greek god of medicine Asklepios. The symbol can be explaned as a staff with a serpent twisted around it. The serpent symbolizes healing, this is explained in many different ways. The 2 meest told stories about de ... Lees meer »
Symbol Peace Dove

Dove as a peace symbol

A white dove is a symbol for peace and originates from Christianity. In the old testament is refered to the flood myth, where a white dove is part of the story. During the flood myth Noach sends a white dove form the ark to find land. The dove returns carrying a branche. This was the sign that ther was ... Lees meer »

Earth (Alchemy)

This symbol for Earth is used in the alchemy and probably originates from the middle ages when during the 14th and 15th century the practise of alchemy was banned, mainly by the church. Earth together with water, fire and air are considered classical alchemy elements. The sign is a triangle with a peak ... Lees meer »
Symbool Jacobsschelp

Shell of Saint James

The Shell of Saint James is a Christian symbol and symbolizes the holy Saint James. Since the middle ages the shell is the symbol is synonym with Saint James of Santiago de Compostella. The legend about the origin of the symbol of the holy Saint James and the shell is told in different stories which ... Lees meer »
Symbool Aarde


This symbol for earth has been used among others in modern Astrology as the symbol for planet earth. the symbol probably originates from the bronze age. The first drawings where the symbol was found, date from this period. The sign is explained as a globe. The Greeks and the Romans used the symbol for ... Lees meer »
Symbool Vrede Ban The Bomb

Peace (Ban The Bomb)

This sign for peace originates from the middle of the 20th century. It is designed by Gerald Holtom and buy viagra locally was meant as symbol for the Aldermaston-march against nuclear weapons. The symbol became synonym with the protests against nuclear weapons. Until now it is still the worldwide ... Lees meer »
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