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Symbool Lucht Alchemie

Air (Alchemy)

This symbol for air is used in the alchemy and probably originates from the middle ages when during the 14th and 15th century the practise of alchemy was banned, mainly by the church. Air together with water, earth and fire are considered classical alchemy elements. The sign is a triangle with a peak ... Lees meer »
Symbool Ankh


Most likely the Ankh symbol originates from the Egyptian mythology and represents life and eternal life. The symbol has been found a lot on paitings in tombs and painted on other objects. As a result of it’s key shape, some stories tell that this symbol is the key to open the gate to hell. The ... Lees meer »
Apestaart @ Symbool

At-sign @ (or monkey’s tail in Dutch )

The at sign, is sometimes also called monkey’s tail (in Dutch) or amfora, dates back to the 16th century and it originally was a capacity measure. An amfora represented 26 liters. The symbol originates from an Italian merchant writing. During the centuries in Europe the meaning changed to “at ... Lees meer »
Symbool Steenbok Dierenriem


The symbol for Capricorn is being used in Astrology and Astronomy. Capricorn is part of the Zodiac which originates from the time that people started to have the need to predict. All Zodiac symbols originate from the different constellations. Thus Capricorn originates form the interpretation of the constellation ... Lees meer »
Symbool Keltisch Kruis

Celtic cross

This symbol is one of the best known celtic crosses. This Celtic crosses originate from 8th century England and Ireland. The sign is probably aggregation of Druïd symbols and Christian symbols. The symbol is probably an aggregation of a sunwheel and a cross, but is also explaned as the male and female ... Lees meer »

Celtic knot

The Celtic knot is a symbol mainly known form Celtic culture, but has been used in different variaties in other cultures like Roman, Copts etc., especially midieval cultures all around the world. The origin of the Celtic knots dates back to the Celtische cultere in the 3rd and 4th century. The meaning ... Lees meer »
Symbool Kruis


 The cross is one of the symbols that is known world wide. The cross used to be an oriental  torturetool used in China, India, Persia en Babylon. But the cross was not only used as torture tool by these peoples. The cross was granted mistycal value as wel. Only when the Romans Crucifyed Jezus Christ, ... Lees meer »
Symbool Adelaar


The symbol for Eagle is often used on for example coat of arms and flags. The image on the top left, is just an example and has no specific use. In other designs, the symbol is used in the US as great seal for official documents and pasports and on German coat of arms. The eagle is known for different ... Lees meer »
Symbool Aarde


This symbol for earth has been used among others in modern Astrology as the symbol for planet earth. The most used explanation of representation of the sign is  that the circle represents the globe and the plus represents the four directions of a compass. The symbol probably originates from the bronze ... Lees meer »
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