Celtic cross

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Symbool Keltisch KruisThis symbol is one of the best known celtic crosses. This Celtic crosses originate from 8th century England and Ireland. The sign is probably aggregation of Druïd symbols and Christian symbols.

The symbol is probably an aggregation of a sunwheel and a cross, but is also explaned as the male and female symbol combined. This specific Celtic cross, black with a white frame has a negative charge because it’s used by Nazi’s and skinnheads. The symbol below is also a well known celtic cross, this cross one arm that is longer than the others. Another story is that the sign is inspired by the god Odin from Nordic mythology.Symbool Keltisch Kruis Lange Arm

The symbol on the right is also a well known Celtic cross, Which has a longer lower arm. This cross is decorated with another celtic symbol, the Celtic knot. The decoration with the celtic knots makes it an even more beatifull symbol.

Celtic crosses are used a lot on  gaves at cemeteries an on churches in Scotland, Ireland en Wales. Landscapes in Scotland, Ireland and Wales have a lot of monuments decorated with Celtic crosses. In some cases Celtic crosses are centuries old and have a growing popularity since halfway the 19th century. A growing number of tourisits are attracted bij the crosses.

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