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Celtic knot

The Celtic knot is a symbol mainly known form Celtic culture, but has been used in different variaties in other cultures like Roman, Copts etc., especially midieval cultures all around the world. The origin of the Celtic knots dates back to the Celtische cultere in the 3rd and 4th century. The meaning ... Lees meer »
Symbool Jolly Roger Piratenvlag

Jolly Roger (pirat flag)

A piratflag is also called Jolly Roger. The origin of this name is not clear. The original Jolly Roger is a skull and crossed bones. Later a variety of flags were used. The flags original use was telling that a village or city was hit bij the disease plague. The inhabitants then put a Jolly Roger flag ... Lees meer »
Symbool Lemniscaat Oneindig


The symbol  lemniscate or lying 8 is most known from Mathematics, where it stands for infinity. The origin is uncertain. The most used story is that it originates from latin word lemniscate, that means ribbon. With some imagination you can recognise a twisted ribbon in the shape of an 8 from the symbol. The ... Lees meer »
Symbool Leeuw Astronomie


This symbol for Leo is being used in Astrology as well as in Astronomy. In Astrology Leo is part of the Zodiac which originates from the time that people started to have the need to predict. This sign is a representation of a lions head. The circle is the head of the lion. The curved line from ... Lees meer »
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