Jolly Roger (pirat flag)

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Symbool Jolly Roger PiratenvlagA piratflag is also called Jolly Roger. The origin of this name is not clear. The original Jolly Roger is a skull and crossed bones. Later a variety of flags were used.

The flags original use was telling that a village or city was hit bij the disease plague. The inhabitants then put a Jolly Roger flag on top of the church to warn for the disease.

Some stories tell that this flag was used by pirates for the first time by pirates at the beginning of the 18th century. Before that flags with different colours where used.

There are different interpretations for the meaning of this flag, but the most used interpretation is that the skull stands for death and the bones for a harassing death. Swords or daggers indicate fight.

Every pirat used a Jolly Roger, but not every Jolly had the same print.

Symbool Jolly Roger Jack Rackham Piratenvlag Jack Rackham
Symbool Jolly Roger Emanuel Wynne piratenvlag Emanuel Wynne
Symbool Jolly Roger Christopher Condent piratenvlag Christopher Condent
Symbool Jolly Roger Henry Every piratenvlag Henry Every


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