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Symbool Leeuw AstronomieThis symbol for Leo is being used in Astrology as well as in Astronomy. In Astrology Leo is part of the Zodiac which originates from the time that people started to have the need to predict.

This sign is a representation of a lions head. The circle is the head of the lion. The curved line from the circle up and than down again represents the mane of the lion. This sign is a modern variant of the original sign and originates presumably form the Greek or Roman era. Around 150 after Christ the Roman Claudius Ptolemeus wrote a book in which he indicated en described 48 constellations. He not only used his own knowledge, but he also used knowledge from his Babylonian – and Greek predecessors. In 1922 the number of constellations was finally decided to be 88. 12 of these 88 constellations together form the 12 signs of the zodiac as we know from Astrology. They give us our sign at birth.

The lion (Leo in Latin) is, as known, the king of the jungle. In Astrology the characteristics of the lion are associated with Leo. In Astrology the lion stands for dominantion, willpower, brutality and pride. All of these characteristics are recognizable in the lion as king of the jungle.

In Astronomy the constellation Leo stands for a number of stars which together form the fysical constellation Leo in the Zodiac. These stars are located in the Northern sky. The stars which form the constellation Leo are: Regulus (brightest star), Denebola, Zosma, Algieba, Ras Elased Australis, Chort, Adhafera, Subra, Ras Elased Borealis, Alterf and Al Minliar Al Asad. The Sun is located in the constellation Leo from july 21st to augus 21st, that’s why your constellation is Leo when you are born in this period of the year.

You can find the 12 signs of the Zodiac in daily horoscopes in for example news papers and magazines. A lot of these horoscopes use different images or signs for Leo or the other signs.

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