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Symbool Mercurius Astronomie


This sign symbolizes the Roman god Mercury and the planet Mercury (named after the Roman god). The symbol can be explained as a winged helmet above a staff. Besides the planet and the Roman god, Mercury also represents the metal Mercury. In astrology Mercury represents curiousity, diplomacy and craftiness. ... Lees meer »
Nucleair Symbool

Nuclear (radiation) symbol

The origin of this nuclear symbol is the university of California. In 1946 people of the radiation lab of this institute designed the symbol. The symbol represents the active radiation of an atom. The dot in the middle represents the atom itself. The black areas surrounding it represent the radiation. ... Lees meer »
Symbool Ohm

Ohm (Aum)

The Ohm (or Aum) sign represents a holy syllable from hindoeistic and boedistic prayers. The symbol represents eternity, infinity and the universe. The symbol is considered to be┬áthe origin of all prayers and mantra’s. The most mentioned explanation for the sign is that the ‘3’ represents ... Lees meer »
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