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The symbol for question mark is as you know used to indicate that a sentence is a question.

There are different stories about the origin of the symbol for question mark. One story is, that the sign originates from Latin, where quaestiō means question. The word quaestiō was abbreviated to Qo during the middle ages and the o was written below the Q. This transformed during the centuries to the sign we know at the moment.

Another story tells that an upside down ; (semicolon) can be seen as a question mark (with a little imagination). A third story is that the question mark is evoluated from an exclamation mark. De dash was bend to indicatie the correct intonation.

In Spanish the question mark is not only usen after the interrogative sentence, but the Spanish also use an inverted question mark before the sentence.

In computing the question mark is used a lot in programming languages.

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