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Swastika Symbool

The Swastika, also known as hook cross or gammadion cross, is a well known cross with four equal leggs. Each leg has a hook at the end which are also refered to as bend leggs. The name gammadion refers to the greek letter gamma which is similar to the hooks or bend leggs.

The oldest known use of the Swastika was during the Indus Civilization in Northwestern India and Pakistan, around 2500 before Christ. The Swastika was known in Hinduism, where it represents Vishnu, in Taoism it represents eternity and in buddhism in Tibet it represents the element Earth.Symbool Swastika Nazi's

The Swatika became infected with a negative image during the reign of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Hitler himself designed the flag with a prominent Swastika which is displayed in a different angle.

Nowadays the Swastika is stil common use on temples and buildings in India.

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