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Symbol Peace Dove

Dove as a peace symbol

A white dove is a symbol for peace and originates from Christianity. In the old testament is refered to the flood myth, where a white dove is part of the story. During the flood myth Noach sends a white dove form the ark to find land. The dove returns carrying a branche. This was the sign that ther was ... Lees meer »
Symbool Tweeling


This symbol for Gemini is being used in Astrology as well as in Astronomy. In Astrology Leo is part of the Zodiac which originates from the time that people started to have the need to predict. The sign is probably the Roman number 2 (II or just two ones) with a slightly changed design. Another story ... Lees meer »
Symbool Vrede Ban The Bomb

Peace (Ban The Bomb)

This sign for peace originates from the middle of the 20th century. It is designed by Gerald Holtom and buy viagra locally was meant as symbol for the Aldermaston-march against nuclear weapons. The symbol became synonym with the protests against nuclear weapons. Until now it is still the worldwide ... Lees meer »
Symbool Vraagteken

Question mark

The symbol for question mark is as you know used to indicate that a sentence is a question. There are different stories about the origin of the symbol for question mark. One story is, that the sign originates from Latin, where quaestiō means question. The word quaestiō was abbreviated to Qo during ... Lees meer »
Symbool Triskel


This symbol is a Triskele of Triskelion. Triskelion is Greek for three-legged, which you could make of this sign with a little fantasy. There are different stories about the origin of this sign, but the most probable origin is Celtic. The symbol is usually associoted width the Celtic culture, where ... Lees meer »
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