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The symbol for Libra is used in Astrology as well as Astronomy. Libra is part of the Zodiac which originates from the time that people started to have the need to prodict. All Zodiac symbols originate from the different constellations. Thus Libra originates form the interpretation of the constellation ... Lees meer »
Symbool Water Alchemie

Water (Alchemy)

This symbol for water is used in the alchemy and probably originates from the middle ages when during the 14th and 15th century the practise of alchemy was banned, mainly by the church. Air together with water, earth and fire are considered classical alchemy elements. The sign is a triangle with the ... Lees meer »
Yen Teken


The Yen sign symbolizes the Japanese currency Yen. The sign originates from the Latin alphabeth and is especially used in de western world. Japan doesn’t use this sign for the Yen. Instead Japan uses a sign  from the Japanese writing system. This western sign is in use since 1871, when Japan ... Lees meer »
Symbool Yin Yang

Yin and Yang (Taijitu)

The Yin and Yang sign originates from China and is mentioned for the first time in “I Ching” (Book of change). Yin and Yang stands for oposites and is used in different contexts. The oposites may not be explaned as for example the north pole and the south pole, but for example as movement ... Lees meer »
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