Yin and Yang (Taijitu)

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Symbool Yin YangThe Yin and Yang sign originates from China and is mentioned for the first time in “I Ching” (Book of change). Yin and Yang stands for oposites and is used in different contexts.

The oposites may not be explaned as for example the north pole and the south pole, but for example as movement and standing still. Yin and Yang are always related to each other and do not exist on their own.

The sign contains a black part (Yin) and a white part(Yang). Both colors are combined in a circle representing the TAO. De dots tell us that Yin is the beginning of Yang and the other way around. The I Ching, in which the symbol is metioned for the first time originates from a period 700 to 1000 years before Christ and is probably a teaching trying to understand life. Yin and Yang is often used in Chinese medicine, in which they represent a definition for energy.

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